Magic Tree House & The Selection

Yeah, “Georgia” is done reading the first 24 Chinese-edition books of Magic Tree House!  She will now move onto book #37-48, which probably has twice the number of characters as the first few books.  I estimate that she can finish reading one book in 15-20 minutes, but we will see if her attention span holds.

As for “Charlotte”, we finally receive in mail the Chinese edition of The Heir, which is book #4 of the Selection Series by Kiera Cass!  It will be another good ~ 4 hours of Chinese reading time for her.  The Heir’s book movie trailer.  It looks like book #5, The Crown, will come out next May.  I expect the Chinese edition to hit the bookstore two months later.

At the mean time, I spotted a couple of catchy but simple songs by Malaysian singer Joyce Chu: 好想你 and 伸出圓手.  My girls should like it.   These would be another score for CLE!

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