Harry Potter

Finally I am able to get 9 year old “Georgia” to start reading more Harry Potter in English.  She is now working on the third book and read a chapter on Kindle every few days.  That’s not fast by any means but she will pick up more speed over the next year to two.  It’s a balancing act, to advance both Chinese and English reading at decent enough pace concurrently.  Georgia is able to do it decently well, since we have a solid CLE (Chinese language ecosystem) already set up, thanks to her elder sister, and a solid ELE from school plus my tutoring.  She finished reading the 21st book of Magic Tree House in Chinese in 8 minutes or so.  It’s ~ 100 pages but doesn’t seem to have many characters.  She has three more books to go before I had her skip the next dozen (book 25-36, which I did not buy) and move onto book 37, which is longer.  Hopefully, she will be one step closer to reading Chinese chapter books without zhuyin by the time she finishes reading Magic Tree House book #48.  Her sister “Charlotte” started reading chapter books without zhuyin at 10.5 years old; I hope “Georgia” get to do it at 10.


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