Children’s audio book

World History iTune recording for children

5C-integrated AP Chinese Teaching: Theories, Strategies, and Practices

PRC’s Oversea Chinese Language Art textbooks download

Keeping Family Language Alive – a website from UK

Annotate Chinese text automatically: Mandarinspot, an extremely powerful tool.

我是演說家 (I am speaker): great articulated speech to learn colloquial and more formal spoken Chinese.

Recommended book lists:

繁體 (Traditional): 書單:給6-10歲,看到文字就想逃的孩子, story book list, first grade book list, Taipei Public Library book list

简体 (Simplified):全国八大语文名师联合推荐最靠谱小学生2015暑假书单


台灣3-7年級國語課本 !!