Read aloud of kung-fu novel 金庸’s 神鵰俠侶

The following is a print-out of salient parts of the novel with zhuyin added, for read-aloud lesson with the Chinese tutor on the weekend, who explains phrases that “Charlotte” doesn’t quite understand.  Original Chinese writings are simply more authentic and just about nothing beats 金庸’s work in this category.  These read-aloud should make Charlotte’s own reading of the novel easier.

(Of note, I didn’t correct for alternative pronunciation for the zhuyin, since that would be too tedious to do.  The tutor will correct her if she reads it incorrectly.)

2 thoughts on “Read aloud of kung-fu novel 金庸’s 神鵰俠侶

    • Find a copy with regular text online. Copy and paste the text onto your word processor and then change the font to one with zhuyin. You frequently won’t get the zhuyin right for characters with multiple pronunciations of course, but the rest should be just fine. Enjoy!


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