Magic Tree House & The Selection

Yeah, “Georgia” is done reading the first 24 Chinese-edition books of Magic Tree House!  She will now move onto book #37-48, which probably has twice the number of characters as the first few books.  I estimate that she can finish reading one book in 15-20 minutes, but we will see if her attention span holds.

As for “Charlotte”, we finally receive in mail the Chinese edition of The Heir, which is book #4 of the Selection Series by Kiera Cass!  It will be another good ~ 4 hours of Chinese reading time for her.  The Heir’s book movie trailer.  It looks like book #5, The Crown, will come out next May.  I expect the Chinese edition to hit the bookstore two months later.

At the mean time, I spotted a couple of catchy but simple songs by Malaysian singer Joyce Chu: 好想你 and 伸出圓手.  My girls should like it.   These would be another score for CLE!

重啟人 (Reboot)

This week, Charlotte, who is 12, went back to read Reboot.  She read parts of this novel around July but it was probably still a little rough for her.  Now that she has breezed through 3 books of The Selection series plus its companion book and is waiting for the fourth book (The Heir) to arrive this Friday, she is rereading Reboot.  It does seem a little tougher than The Selection series.  Hopefully, it will be an easier read this time.