“Georgia” finished reading “Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” today.  The Chinese edition consists of 17 chapters, totaling 193 pages with scattered drawings.  She spent ~15 minutes a day reading 2 chapters for most days of this past 9 days.  I have to say that she prefers reading just one chapter a day; but I asked that she reads two chapters a day.    One day, I did ask her to read three chapters but in two blocks;  that was too much for her really.

In any case, she gets the gist of the story but some of the details she missed.  For example, I asked her what happened between the witch and Aslan toward the end and she did not know that Aslan was killed but then was resurrected.  But then again, that may be asking a little too much of a 9 year old just starting to read such novels in Chinese.  I am sure that as her Chinese improves and she gets more mature over time, such details will become more evident.

In any case, she is now watching the movie version now, in English.  Gosh, I thought I bought the Chinese edition dubbed with Mandarin.  It turned out to be dubbed in Cantonese!  That won’t work for us.  Hence, they are watching it in English now.  She did watch this movie several years ago but she does not recall any of it since she was so young then.


Major Milestone REACHED!

今天是重大的一天! 9歲7個月大的小女兒,以ㄧ分鐘~400-500個字的速度,讀“納尼亞傳奇:獅子,女巫,和衣櫥”無注音中文版的前兩章,比姊姊早ㄧ年多達到我自認為“中級”水準的閱讀程度。
注音/拼音是對以母語方式學中文的學生非常有幫助。 要閱讀流利,只要閱讀,閱讀,再多讀一些!”

該帶女兒們好好去Busch Gardens玩ㄧ趟了(小女兒的願望)!

Today is a momentous day!  “Georgia”, who is about 9 years and 7 months old, read the first two chapters of the Chinese edition of “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe”, without zhuyin.  She read it at a pace of ~ 400-500 characters a minute, which is half her pace of reading books with zhuyin.  She achieved this reading proficiency level (“intermediate” level to me) a little over one years of age ahead of her elder sister, who reached this level almost two years ago.

There are Chinese guru who advice against relying on phonetics, I suggest: ” There is a better way!  It happens to be the SAME OLD WAY Chinese are taught and learned in mainland China or Taiwan.  Phonetics are just fine and can be extremely helpful to students learning Chinese the first-language way.  One just needs to read, read, and read some more!”

The girls are due a trip to Busch Gardens (Georgia’s request)!



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