3 million characters


Almost 10 years old “Georgia” is making good progress reading books from “世界少年文學精選“ (World Literature, well, mainly western classic books) series.  She starts by reading books whose content she is familiar with, such as Romeo and Juliet, Secret Garden, and now Peter Pan.


That’s just dandy with me, as this is part of the Scaffold Reading Experience or SRE.  I ask her to read at least 50 pages a day, which should work out to be at least ~ 10,000 to 11,000 characters.  Over the past 10 days or so since the books arrived, she has read about 600 pages or ~ 130,000 characters; so, we are on target.

With her willingness to read these books, I think she will be able to read at least 3,000,000 characters by this time next year.  Yes, that’s 3 million characters!  By this time next year, I am certain her reading speed will pick up quite a bit and her proficiency of characters and expressions of this reading level will be quite good.

Once again, thanks to Ms. Lin of Guavarama who organized the group book purchase from Taiwan, we are set for the next year to two!


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