Since the girls have both achieved basic reading proficiency for their age ( ILR level 3, I would say), I am adding additional writing practice.  They had memorize a few Chinese poems before; so I printed out writing worksheet of one whole poem with the stroke sequence included.  I handed them the worksheet and told them that I will “test” their writing of the poem from memorization in one week.  Their continuing enjoyment of certain privilege will depend on how well they do.  They are responsible themselves on how much practice they need to achieve that.  In a few days, 9 year old “Georgia” has got it.

因閱讀已經達到基本程度,可以開始多寫一點。以下是小女兒練習背寫的「回鄉偶書」。我印出自做,整首詩有筆順的單字練習紙,交給女兒們,跟他們說,ㄧ個禮拜後考背寫,練習多少自己要負責,不會的話……就不xxxxxx.  她們以前都背過這首詩,小女兒幾天就會寫了。





Not to be outdone, 12 year old “Charlotte” practiced and wrote the following the next day:


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