Spousal support

Secret to raising a bilingual and biliterate child in Chinese and English: spousal support

No, not the type of spousal support divorcees talk about.  I am talking about a cooperative and supportive spouse. It really matters whom you marry, just like everything else. FB COO Sherry Sandberg said so, in another context of course, as in “Lean In”.

Either the spouse has a good income, so that you can hire Chinese tutors or household help, and/or let you stay home to teach the kids Chinese, s/he does the bulk of the house chores (so that you can spend time to teach Chinese and establish a CLE), or the spouse does the teaching/CLE part. It is very time consuming to teach Chinese well and takes the cooperation of the entire family. It would be even better than the grandparents can chip in too.

你希望小孩的中文不錯嘛? 一個很重要的條件是什麼呢?丈夫或太太配合。不是多賺點錢,讓你能請人幫忙教學或做家事,或讓你能在家教小孩中文,不然就要他做大部分的家事,或就由他去教。要教好中文是件很花時間的事,需要全家配合,最好是家長的父母親也能幫忙。

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