Talk shows

Watching talk shows is an excellent way for both non-native level parents and late teens to learn how the Chinese language is used in every day conversation.  Like any English talk shows, these shows are just constant back-and-forth conversations with various levels of intricacies and nuances that are hard to match in terms of their breadth and efficiency.

Here is one of the last episodes (1/11-12/16) of the famed Taiwanese talk show 康熙來了 (Kangsi Coming), featuring as a guest famed Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, who played Blink in X-Men: Days of Future Past.


Here is an interesting one from the same talk show:

Another one that I find interesting is 奇葩說 (You Can You BB), which touts itself as the first Chinese internet talk show, now in its second season.  The show invites one popular Chinese female celebrity to chat with three male commentators on trending topics and organizes debates around a current issue in Chinese society.  The language used is slightly crude and the views expressed are quirky.  This show seems to be more appropriate for those with fairly high level Chinese proficiency.  Check it out and see for yourself.

奇葩說 (You Can You BB)

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