Subject vocabulary

This is my list of what I am going over with my daughters while driving them to the bus stop.  A few simple terms are all that’s needed for daily conversation and reading.

  • Week of 10/5:  頭,眼睛,耳朵,臉頰,下巴,鼻子,眉毛,睫毛,脖子,背部,脊椎,手臂,手,手腕,肚子,腿,膝蓋,腳,腳趾,手指,胃,心臟,肺,肝臟,腎臟,胰臟
  • Week of 10/12: Cells. Cell, cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, chloroplast, photosynthesis, carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbohydrates. 細胞,細胞壁,細胞膜,細胞核,葉綠體,光合作用,二氧化碳, 氧, 碳水化合物.
  • Week of 10/19: 氣體 (gas), 固體 (Solid). 液體(Liquid), 凝結 (Condensation), 凝華(Deposition), 昇華 (Sublimation), 沸騰 (Boiling), 融化 (Melting), 凝固 (Freezing)
  • Week of 10/26: 行星(planet),恆星(star),星座(constellation),隕石(meteorite),流星(meteor),彗星(comet). 
  • Week of 11/2: president 總統, vice president 副總統, governor 州長, prime minister 總理, mayor市長
  • Week of 11/9: doctor 醫師, lawyer 律師,judge 法官,engineer 工程師,dentist 牙醫,veterinarian 獸醫,optometrist 驗光師,diplomat 外交官,professor 教授,reporter 記者,secretary 秘書,accountant 會計師
  • Week of 11/16: 英國 United Kingdom,西班牙 Spain,法國France,德國Germany,意大利Italy,希臘Greece,波蘭Poland,丹麥Denmark,俄羅斯Russia,埃及Egyt,日本Japan,韓國Korea,越南Vietnam,菲律賓Philippine,泰國Thailand,柬埔寨Cambodia,印尼 Indonesia,印度India,墨西哥Mexico,加拿大Canada

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