“Georgia” is always thinking of ways to get more allowance $.

To encourage her to read more, she and I reached a deal: $1 for every 3 Magic Tree house book she reads.  So, if she wants, she can potentially earn $1 in about 40-45 minutes, which is all that it takes for her to read three books.  Don’t get me wrong.  She enjoys reading those books; she just doesn’t want to read them on her own free time.  She enjoys watching TV more, though I do put a limit on that.  They are rewatching “我的少女時代“ these last two days.  It’s great to watch Chinese movies with them.  We tell a lot of inside jokes from the movies and YouTube videos.

This is what she read today.  That’s the benefit of learning zhuyin for us. (I suppose pinyin would work but I don’t know if there are many intermediate level books like these with pinyin all the way through.) New characters do not pose a limit on the types of books they can read. As long as the content is at their level and they are familiar enough with the Chinese wording vocally, they can read it.  Reading competency and fluency takes……reading!


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