Magic Tree House

買了三套Magic Tree House 中文版給九歲的小女兒看,效果不錯,接受度高。一套12本,買了第一,二,四套。第四套字應該有第一套的兩倍以上。小女兒現在看到第二套第一本(其實她喜歡的,ㄧ本12-15分鐘就可以看完)。推~

I bought 3 sets of Magic Tree House for “Georgia”, set 1, 2, 4 (book 1-24 and 37-48). The last set probably has twice the number of characters as the first set; and hence more expensive. She’s done with the first set and is moving onto the second set. I am glad she doesn’t mind reading them; but really, if she likes the topic, she finishes one book in 12-15 minutes. We will see how she will respond to the last set, in terms of attention span.

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