Love in 100 Days (真愛100天)

Love in 100 Days

My daughters enjoy watching romantic comedy, including “100 Days” which they watched this weekend. It is readily available through Amazon’s Prime movie collection and probably through other websites. Maybe the younger one is a little precocious (or both, don’t know).  She just giggles when there is smooching onscreen. B esides cartoon/animation, this is the type of Chinese movies I can get them to watch these days.  I am glad they are familiar enough with Taiwan and the way of living there that they would watch this. It’s all about creating relevance and fortifying the CLE (Chinese language ecosystem).

The male protagonist is Johnny Lu, who emigrated to the US from Taiwan at the age of 8. He graduated from UC-Irvine and then moved back to Taiwan. After years of living there, he seems to be a balanced bilingual. The movie is pretty decent.

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